Services We Offer


Metal Recycling

 We accept the following metals: Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless, Lead, Tin, Electric Motors and Batteries 

Wheel And Tires

 Come and see our large inventory of wheels and tires. Often we receive a vehicle with a good set of tires which we inspect, remove and sell. Give us a call and see if we have something that fits your vehicle. 


 We carry an assortment of batteries that have been inspected, tested and charged on a shelf available for pick up. Batteries start at $35, if you do not have a battery to trade in then a core fee is added to the price of the purchased battery refundable upon old battery return. 


 We have an assortment of driveshafts from various makes and models. Feel free to call and see what we have available for your needs. 

Glass And Windshield

 We remove windshields for reuse. Door and window glass are available from many different vehicles. We try not to remove windows from a good whole door to keep assemblies intact. Often we do have the window available from vehicles with damaged doors. 


 Many parts are available individually from vehicles in the yard. Sometime we reserve select parts to be sold as an assembly of another. Depending on inventory we will sometimes allow the sale of parts off of whole assemblies. When it comes to verifying part compatibility we use a well known part identification system that is accurate in finding your part from any comparable vehicles.